Miss K's Klub

Movie PW(s) can be purchased for $22 per 2 weeks. 

PW(s) WILL be changed every other Friday!

PayPal: http://misskoolaid.chipin.com/koolaid-appreciation

extra lil' something something if you liked, are greatly appreciated ;)


easy payment of $444, and you get:

♥ PW for the WHOLE YEAR

♥ Fan sign

♥ 1 custom pic of your choice (if doable)

♥AND! As soon as I get the website set up, E-MAIL UPDATES!!!
( This can be done by "joining" my blog xxxmisskoolaidxxx.blogspot.com ) 

Note: Panties might also be added as soon as I get organized enough.

♥♥♥♥ you all! 

Questions? Comments? Post them below or Message me!

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